In the Sights of Logic

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In the Sights of Logic

Myths and facts about
the assassination of John F. Kennedy

2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the assassination attempt on John F. Kennedy. To this day, the majority of the population believes that there is a big conspiracy behind this event. But no evidence of this has been found to date.

But while the general opinion is largely based on sensational publications and cinema blockbusters, the truth is probably much simpler. "In the Sights of Logic" is intended to make it possible for anyone interested to form their own, yet well-founded opinion based on undisputed facts and common sense. This book does not bore the reader with multiple witness statements, expert opinions or autopsy reports. Rather, the existing facts are summarized in such a way that an overall picture is created that dispels many myths. In addition, the most common false claims are cleared up here, which continue to influence opinion today.

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